Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sample Football Haiku for the Football Haiku World Cup


Please send your football haiku to enter.haiku@gmail.com

Image on right: from Colors...Pretty

To help get your pen moving, please find below some examples of football haiku poems - firstly by Alan Summers and secondly some of the football haiku that we have received already. Please use these as inspiration to help you write yours.

We have kept the contributions that we have received anonymous at this stage because our plan is to eventually allow readers to vote on the haiku that we publish in the ebook - and it would be good that they vote on anonymous haiku. This follows the example of the Cambridge academic I.A.Richards who used to give his students poems without the names of the authors in order to encourage the students to respond in a fresh and natural way to them.
Then, when we progress from the ebook to a properly designed printed book, we can put the names back with the poems and website links for the authors.

1. Some Alan Summers foothall haiku:

summer clouds
A St George flag on a car
I see more than once

soccer fields
all colours of the rainbow
on their shirts

England's second game -
both goals get a drum roll
at the music cafe

2. Some of the poems we have received so far for the Football Haiku World Cup Project

Foot friend strike thy fame
Thousand match points pints within
Globe's gain unflagged goals

Expectant summer
Hopes raised beyond the sky
Why do we not learn?

It’s the Mondial
So don’t you touch that dial
Join the crocodile

He sniffs and he finds,
and after duty is done
he licks the plates clean

Blue skies day
Brings bold blue skies thinking
Go the Azzurri!

Stop and join the world.
Drink life from a single cup.
Together now: Ah!

Pineapple heat –
Ashley revitalises
Cheryl Cole’s song

Need to use my hands
Why can't I use both my hands
This legs-only bites